10 Places Where You Can Get A Free Workout In NYC

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10 Places Where You Can Get A Free Workout In NYC
Working out is tough enough, but it’s even harder to want to when you have to pay $30 just to ride a stationary bicycle as hard as possible for an hour.

However, New York City offers plenty of opportunities for free workouts. Seriously! You just have to be willing to get up and find them. Leave the wallet at home, and get started on working out those New Years resolutions. At these spots, cost is no longer a viable excuse.

Yoga at Sacred Brooklyn

sacredbrooklynIf you want some relaxing yoga, Sacred Brooklyn has a free class every single Saturday at noon. It’s first come first serve, so you’ll want to get there early, but it’s a pretty great way to relax. The classes are donation based (much like Yoga for the People), so if you have a few singles to spare they’d definitely appreciate it.

Running with NYRR


The New York Road Runners is a volunteer-based group that sets up runs in parks around the city. They are normally 5K, but participants are welcome to run or walk.

Community Rowing at Pier 40


You are going to have to wait until spring for this one, but every weekend through spring, summer and fall there are free community rowing events off Pier 40. We mean actually rowing. In the water. It’s awesome.

7 Day Guest Pass at Equinox


Equinox is that gym you wish you made enough money to enjoy. Well don’t write it off just yet. Equinox gives free 7 day passes if you are willing to give them your information for it. You just have to make sure you use it. They have high class locker rooms and amenities, awesome new equipment and great classes. They might hook you in by the end of that week!

Classes with Shape Up NYC


Shape Up NYC is run by the city and has classes in all 5 boroughs. You can participate in everything from Zumba to cardio classes, to yoga and aerobics. All you have to do is show up, no sign up required.

Classes at Athleta


Athleta stores often have store events where you can attend a free fitness class. They even have a hip-hop dance class for kids. Just adorable.

Classes at LuLuLemon


LuLuLemon is another athletic apparel store that’s got what you need when it comes to free classes. They, like many, offer a run club, but also have unique classes like vinyasa and barre. Their schedule is always updated with new stuff to check out.

The November Project


The November Project is bigger than just New York City; there are classes all around the country and the world. The ones here are led by two awesome women, Sierran and Jeanie, and take place at Fort Greene Park wednesday mornings at 6:30 am. Early, sure, but you’ll get a work out and still get to work on time!

Free Boutique Classes at Uplift Studios


This studio is well known for its small, intimate classes. They can be a bit pricey but from time to time Uplift offers free classes when they are working with new trainers. It’s totally worth it for the specific attention.

Free First Class at The Ballet Spot 


Don’t be scared by the word “ballet.” You don’t have to be a dancer to take this fitness class; it combines ballet moves with easy learning. You’ll be pliéing in no time.

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