The New York Public Library Free E-book App Launched, But Is It Any Good?

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The New York Public Library Free E-book App Launched, But Is It Any Good?

In a world of Pokemon Go, Mr Robot, and Ghostbusters, you might be forgiven for thinking NYC is all about Movies, TV and Video games. Thankfully, one institution it holding New York’s literary flag flying.

The New York Public Library released an app called SimpleE (App Store or Google Play) on Tuesday that gives access to 300,000 e-books to anyone with a library card.

The app has seems to be a hit on the iPhone, however Android users are complaining that the service is struggling to work with their devices, It currently only has two stars on the Play store. Kindle and web browser versions are in development.

You should also be aware that you may not be able to borrow your favorite title! There is a finite number of each book. There is already a waiting list for Game of Thrones and other popular titles. You may open the app looking for “Harry Potter” and close it borrowing “The Joy of Fly Fishing.”

All that said, do we recommend the service? YES! Of course we do! This is an amazing idea, and we give full props to NYPL. Sure it’s not perfect, and there are still bugs to iron out, but when the app works smoothly, across multiple devices, this could start a nation wide trend, and who wouldn’t see the nations literacy increase.

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