7 Gadgets To Help You Beat NYC’s Summer Heat

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7 Gadgets To Help You Beat NYC’s Summer Heat

We all know the feeling on peeling ourselves off of a plastic/leather chair and leaving half of our skin behind… or the heat induced sleepless nights where you have to choose between being kept awake by the heat or the sound of the AC. Here are 7 gadgets to ease you through the summer as painlessly as possible.

1. Mini Fan for iPhone 6 plus 5s 5 iPad mini air

This is one of those things that you never knew existed, but instantly know you want. The fan easily attaches to your phone and uses the device battery to keep you fresh and cool. The Fan is rotatable, and the wings are soft, so it is safe for older kids.

Price: $9.90


2. USB Desk Fridge

If one of you readers want to send one of these to the SecretNYC offices I wouldn’t hold it against you *hint hint*. This USB powered mini fridge is just big enough for two cans, or more importantly, a bottle of beer!

Price: $45.00


3. Bed Fan with Wireless Remote

Just when you thought mankind had achieved the pinnacle of awesome things to happen in a bed… here come the folks at Brookstone with a fan that blows cool air under the sheets. Sleeping in the summer in NYC can be just impossible. Take all my money!!!

Price: $99.99


4. The Apollo Dress Shirt

Who doesn’t want a space shirt in their closet? YES! A space shirt! The Apollo uses NASA-engineered Phase Change Material that regulates body temperature so that you’re never too hot or too cold… Like a Thermos flask for your body.

Price: $95:00

5. Beer Shorts

“No boss, the beers are only in my shorts to keep my legs cool!” Beer shorts are made with a breathable, cotton-poly blend, so not only can you enjoy hands free transportation of your frosty beverage, you can look forward to everything else feeling frosty too.

Price: $34.95


6. Shaved Ice/snow cone Machine

My wife bought a sno-cone maker last week. Shaved ice with sugary syrup poured over the top eaten with a little plastic spoon is a pretty nice way to take your mind off the heat and have fun. It works here in Dallas where it’s been known to get a little warm in the summer.

Price: $47.95


7. Anti-Monkey Butt Powder  & Fresh Balls Lotion

Ok, technically this isn’t a gadget, but I almost spat my gum across the floor when I saw it, so I had to share it with you. The pack dubbed the NO SWEAT BUNDLE is for sale on amazon and is exactly the thing to use before braving the stifling NY heat.

Price: $18.23

Featured cover image: [nytimes] & [brando]

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