Would You Rather: New York City Edition

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Would You Rather: New York City Edition

You may have already had to make some of these decisions…


1. Would you rather live in a basement with no windows, or live on the 10th floor of a building with no elevator?

apartment search cover
[David Tan/Flickr]

2. Would you rather live in an igloo or in a dumpster?

dumpster or igloo

Both of these actually exist(ed).

3. Would you rather go the rest of your life without pizza or go the rest of your life without bagels?

pizza bagel


4. Would you rather get in a cab with a driver who speaks no English, or attempt to get somewhere by taking the G train?

[Emmanuel Nicolas/Flickr]
[Emmanuel Nicolas/Flickr]

5. Would you rather attempt to jump from one platform to another, or ride your bike on Canal Street?

subway jump

It’s a toss-up as to which one is more dangerous…

6. Would you rather eat food out of the trash or adopt a sewer rat as a pet?

subway rat

Hint: You might want to pick the first one. Click the link to see why.

7. Would you rather sit next to this guy…

subway life size rat

…or this guy on the subway?



8. Would you rather have to walk barefoot everywhere, or never be allowed to take your shoes off?

[Jill G]
[Jill G]

9. Would you rather live without coffee, or have to pay $10 for every cup of coffee?

[Neil Conway]
[Neil Conway]

10. Would you rather live above a dance club or an adult video store?

clubbing cover 2

No sleep verses creeps…

11. Would you rather pee in the gross dive bar bathroom or outside behind a random statue?

[Thomas Hawk/Flickr]
[Thomas Hawk/Flickr]

A heartfelt apology to the artist who took the time to sculpt this.

12. Would you rather have your heat permanently broken, or have no air conditioning (not even a window unit)?

cold gif


13. Would you rather lose the keys to your apartment at 9pm on a Friday, or lose your MetroCard at 5am on a Saturday?

[ ]

And then there are some of us who have done both of these in one night…


Cover photo credit: Runs With Scissors/Flickr


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