The World’s First & Only Orange Wine Store Finds A Home In NYC

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The World’s First & Only Orange Wine Store Finds A Home In NYC

Orange wine is the summer’s trendy drink of choice, and it’s all the rage right now!

Sure we love our reds, whites, and sometimes even pinks, but have you tried orange wine yet? Though it’s been around for quite some time, as trends do, it seems to be circling back in popularity.

Courtesy of Orange Glou

And if you’re a little confused, have no fear. Basically, orange wine (a.k.a. skin contact wine) is made similar to reds where the skin of the grapes remain and stays in contact with the juice during production but it’s made using white grapes instead of red. This leaves the wine a varying shade of orange.

Orange Glou is the world’s first & only wine store and subscription based club uniquely dedicated to orange/skin contact wine that recently opened on the LES. NYC is known for trendsetting so it’s no surprise that this record breaking store is located right in the city on Broome Street.

Courtesy of Orange Glou

Founded by sommelier Doreen Winkler, Orange Glou offers around 100 exclusive wines to deliver “a highly curated, personal selection of the most interesting and distinct orange wines in the world.”

Courtesy of Orange Glou

Guests can join Winkler for an interesting and informative new monthly tasting series that will begin August 10th. Each tasting will showcase 5 vibrant orange wines alongside impeccable food pairings for an elegant night inside the shop’s private tasting space.

Begin the experience sipping a sparkling orange pet-nat as you make your way through shades of amber. And though attendees will be there for the bubbly atmosphere, visitors will leave with a deepened knowledge of the grapes, wines, winemakers and vinification.

Courtesy of Orange Glou

Tickets for the monthly tastings are $35 and must be purchased in advance.

And if you’re new to the orange wine world, make sure to stop by Orange Glou on Friday nights for a free tasting. Join Winkler from 5-7 p.m. as she opens three bottles and welcomes walk-ins for an enlightening and delicious experience.

The storefront became possible from its start as a wine subscription service which offered a curated selection of 3-6 rare orange wines with tasting and food pairings. And the subscription service is still available for purchase today!

Learn more here.

Where: 264 Broome Street, New York

When: Wednesday – Sunday (1pm–9pm)

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