How To Spend Half A Million Dollars In One Day In NYC

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How would you spend half a million in NYC? The only rule: you can’t own anything. Which means you can’t just buy an apartment or an expensive car.

We’ve tried! But there’s no way… In 24 hours we could only spend $463,935.50. Apparently, NYC is just not expensive enough. Anyways, this is how we spent it:


1. Breakfast – $98

waldorf astoria new york brunch
[Brunch New York]
A good day should always start with a good breakfast! Peacock Alley at the Waldorf Astoria offers smoked fish and meat carving stations, hot entrées, a glass of Champagne or mimosa, and … a chocolate fountain!


2. Yacht cruise – $4,050

Charter a Yacht NYC
[Yacht Justine]
Scientists have proven that a four-hour luxury cruise on a yacht is the best way to digest. Especially if you can get close-up views of the Statue of Liberty and Battery Park.


3. Lunch – $750

masa restaurant nyc
[Masa NYC]
No need to make a choice. Masa Restaurant has no menu, the chef makes the choice for you! So far, no mistakes on his part.


5. Watch the New York Jets or the Giants – $375,000

Metlife stadium luxury suite
There is nothing better than watching your favorite team live and in exquisite comfort! Metlife Stadium Luxury Suite is what we are talking about: private parking, viewing area and much more!


6. Diner – $1,000

Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in New York City
[NY Post]
Nino’s Bellissima Pizzeria in New York City has one of the most expensive pizzas in the world. So we’ll be dining here!


7. Spa – $1,040

The Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa
It’s has being a long day so far but more activities to come! So we’d rather just chill a little in the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.


8. Nightclub – $2000

las vegas nightclubs
What would be an AMAZING day without an AMAZING party? That’s why we’ll have the VIP experience at Marquee nightclub.


9. Hotel – $75,000

penthouse suite at mark hotel nyc
[Robb Report]
This day has been CRAZY! But we need a place to crash after clubbing. We found a penthouse hotel room near Central Park. It looks cool! We’ll stay here.


10. Limousine – $5000

custom Mercedes Sprinter Vans
Obviously, we need a car to make the link between all those mad activities! So we found this amazing custom Mercedes Sprinter Van. The inside is INSANE!


11. Lollipop – $0.50

[Texas Long Horn Complex]
To top the whole day off, we’re really gonna splash out.


Featured cover image: Cranberry Chronicles

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