What New Yorkers Say vs. What They Mean

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What New Yorkers Say vs. What They Mean


New Yorkers live in a fast-paced, amped up, high energy fantasy world. We might occasionally speak a language that no one else understands, and we might occasionally tell ourselves lies to justify our ridiculous life choices. For those of you who are new to the city, here’s a pocket dictionary of translations:

1. “We can walk there.” — It’s only 20 blocks.

2. “Do you have plans tonight?” — I don’t have any plans and I need some.

3. “There’s no cover. Let’s go!” — I’m drinking on a budget.

4. “The night is young!” — It’s only 1am!

5. “I get enough sleep.” — I get more sleep than I got during exam week in college.

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6. “I’m gonna stop for coffee.” — This is my third cup today.

7. “I don’t know…I might stay in this weekend.” — I ran out of money on Wednesday.

8. “Did you get my text last night?” — Did you black out before or after 2am?

9. “I’ll meet you at 8.” — Let’s aim to meet at 8 but inevitably we’ll end up there at 8:45.

10. “I cooked last night.” — I microwaved ramen and mixed some vegetables in with it.

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11. “I need to go to the store.” — I’ve been out of toilet paper for a week.

12. “I’m on a diet.” — I’m cutting food costs to save money.

13. “I think I’m gonna start running.” — I’m gonna run one block and be out of breath.

14. “I commute.” — I can’t afford to live here.

15. “My job pays pretty well.” — I only have to do two freelance jobs to pay the rent.

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16. “My rent isn’t that bad.” — My faucet leaks and my toilet doesn’t work.

17. “My rent isn’t that bad.” — I live in an apartment with no AC and share a room with no window.

18. “My rent isn’t that bad.” — I can pay the rent but during the last week of every month I live on white rice and ramen.

19. “My rent isn’t that bad.” — I live way out in Brooklyn/Queens.

20. “I live in Brooklyn/Queens.” — No one ever wants to pregame at my place.

21. “My apartment isn’t that small.” — I at least have room to put on pants in the morning.

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22. “He’s in banking.” — He makes more money than all of us.

23. “He’s doing consulting.” — Nobody knows what he does but he still makes more money than all of us.

24. “He’s in film.” — He’s living paycheck to paycheck but he’s chasing his dreams.

25. “I love New York.” — I hate the high prices but I love everything else.”

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