Did You Know That The Way You Eat Pizza Can Say A Lot About You?

The Way You Eat Pizza Can Say A Lot About You

According to Patti Wood, a body language, human behavior expert and lecturer at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, the way you eat your pizza says a lot about you. Either you fold it or eat it using knife and forks, this will determine your behavior and character.

Here are the four main personalities that can be depicted from the way you here your pizza. Head to your favorite pizza place after reading this, our’s is Numero 28, and find out which one you are:

1. You Fold It

The Way You Eat Pizza Can Say A Lot About You
You’re a ‘driver’. You fold it because you wanna eat it quicker and as a result, those people’s lives tend to be active, fast-paced and on the go. If you think we don’t have a point here don’t worry because if you tend to fold it is also because you are adventurous, bore easily and are not afraid to take a risk.

2. You Eat The Crust First

The Way You Eat Pizza Can Say A Lot About You
[Daly Mail]
Pizza is a whole philosophy and if you start eating it crust first, you’ll be labeled ‘influencer’ meaning that you’re spontaneous and live life to the fullest. You want to live the experience differently, challenge the set trends and build new ones… Basically, you’re the hipster of pizzas.

But ‘influencers’ are also people who often talk very loud to get the attention from people. Hell yeah! That’s what they love!

3. You Used A Fork And Knife

The Way You Eat Pizza Can Say A Lot About You
[Red Book]
Let me take my time here… You’ve been labeled ‘suporter’ and me tell you why. You’re warm and friendly team players who take life at a relaxed pace. You’re the perfect date to take out for dinner, the shoulder to cry on and the one who remembers birthdays. You usually think about the other before yourself but you won’t take risks: you’ll go to the same pizzeria and eat the same exact pizza as last time.

4. You Just Bite It

The Way You Eat Pizza Can Say A Lot About You
Hello ‘careful correctors’! You’re the one trying to avoid uncertainty, you wanna get predictable results every time. You’re the one who’ll fancy different flavors but always end up picking the ‘best one’.

Feature Image: Huffington Post

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