This Enchanting Winter Wonderland Offers Panoramic Views Of The BK Bridge!

Marie-Angèle Zoungrana Marie-Angèle Zoungrana

This Enchanting Winter Wonderland Offers Panoramic Views Of The BK Bridge!

Watermark Winter Wonderland is coming back with a bang this year! The heated glasshouses so many cherish and love are now bigger and more luxurious than ever, located in a 7,500 square ft. waterfront venue featuring exhilarating views of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg bridges.

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Step in the warm embrace of your personal heated glasshouse decorated with magical twinkling lights. At the venue, evergreen trees light the way to your waterfront dining experience… 

Across the Illuminated Wonderland Tunnel, discover a delicious food and beverage menu featuring comforting delicacies. To keep you warm throughout the experience, create s’mores at the ‘make your own s’mores’ section, indulge in some cheese fondue, and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit as you sip on some seasonal cocktails. But be warned, the bar’s spiked hot chocolate “tends to lead to socializing!” (Watermark Winter Wonderland)

Discover Winter Wonderland’s bar and food menu!

One of the best ways to spread Christmas cheer is by watching holiday movies, and it just so happens that the venue provides a Jumbo Screen showing jolly films all season long! Make the yuletide gay by carrying that spiked hot chocolate over to Watermark Winter Wonderland’s big screen and experience a Christmas vibe like you never have before… 

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November 29
Starting at $20 per person
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