The Inner Circle: It’s Not Elitist, It’s Just A Dating App With Fewer Weirdos

Georgina Jones Georgina Jones

The Inner Circle: It’s Not Elitist, It’s Just A Dating App With Fewer Weirdos

If you haven’t heard of “The Inner Circle” yet, let us fill you in. In short, this new dating network, which is already a big hit amongst the high-flyers of London and Amsterdam, is all about making quality connections with like-minded people. It’s safe to say the selection process has caused a little bit of controversy; all sign ups are screened before making ‘the cut’ and The Inner Circle have an entire team dedicated to checking out people’s Facebook & LinkedIn profiles. However, with social media being a huge dominator of our time, a little bit of ‘stalking’ potential suitors isn’t anything we haven’t been guilty of ourselves. The Inner Circle are effectively doing the hard work for us. Right?

But with this dating app, ‘Selective’ doesn’t mean elitist. The app itself is actually nicer than its competitors – there’s no cruel swiping or rejection involved – it simply allows you to message those you fancy speaking to. It’s more personal too. When you’re filling out your profile on The Inner Circle, it’s not just a case of ticking yes/no, male/female; you’ve really got a chance to express yourself. You can add your favourite restaurants, bars, events and clubs to your profile and see where your online suitors also like to hang. Once a member of The Inner Circle, you’ll also get invited to their frequent events, held in some pretty exclusive venues across the city, such as the lovely Chrystie’s, where the launch drinks were held in NYC. It’s at these events you realise that they offer a far more sociable, pleasant and all-round friendlier way to meet people (and offers the perfect environment for a cheeky face-to-face flirt).

The Inner Circle believe their method results in more meaningful, long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. For that reason, we’re not surprised there’s a large waiting list for people to be expected. Lots of New Yorkers are clearly looking for love.

If you’re intrigued and want to have a shot at joining the club, sign up for free here. You may well thank us later.


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