23 Thoughts Every New Yorker Has While Waiting For The Subway

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

23 Thoughts Every New Yorker Has While Waiting For The Subway

It seems like New Yorkers spend about 20 percent of their lives waiting for trains, and the waiting cycle is painfully predictable. Here are the thoughts that go through your mind while waiting for the subway:


1. Apparently this isn’t one of those days where I have great train timing.

2. If I hadn’t stopped to pee I’d be on the train right now.


3. Why aren’t there any countdown clocks in this station?

4. One of these days, all subway stations will have wifi.

5. I knew I should have brought a book with me.

6. What is she reading…

[Stefano Corso/Flickr]
[Stefano Corso/Flickr]
7. Okay, time to play, “Who’s the weirdest person in this subway station?”

8. Oh no, it might be me…

9. Should I sit down?

[Steven Mileham/Flickr]
[Steven Mileham/Flickr]
10. Manspreading should be illegal.

11. What if a crazy person tries to push me in front of the train?

12. That’s silly. Stop panicking.

[Anna Zhang/Google Plus]
[Anna Zhang/Google Plus]
13. I’ll stand against the wall just in case.

14. *Hears rumble* Is that my train?!?!

what was that

15. No, of course it’s the Z. Who takes the Z?

16. Should I get on towards the front or towards the back?

17. Why is this train taking so long?

hugh jackman

18. Should I just give up and take an Uber?

19. Maybe I should have walked one more stop.

20. When I’m rich I won’t take the subway anymore.

21. Then again, some celebs take the subway.

22. Ah! Finally here!

23. If my transfer takes this long I’ll kill myself.




Cover photo credit: Jens Schott Knudsen/Flickr

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