This Astronaut Took A Picture Of NYC From Space And It’s Breathtaking

Joshua Saxon Joshua Saxon

This Astronaut Took A Picture Of NYC From Space And It’s Breathtaking

Bet you’re pretty pleased with the bird’s-eye-view snaps from the top of the Empire State Building you posted on Instagram, aren’t you? No doubt Mom will be crazy impressed with your awesome photographic genius.

Well, we’re sorry to say she won’t be. Because your camera skills were severely upstaged when astronaut Scott Kelly posted this pic of the Big Apple from outer space (yeah, you heard us, we said “outer space”) on Twitter. Not quite so impressive now, are you?

Never again will you need to overload your human mind trying to comprehend the vastness of NYC, because apparently in 2016, we have astronauts for that. Check out the image for a clear view of Central Park and Times Square (you really can’t miss it, it’s the big, shiny white thing in the middle).  

Full credit for the picture goes to Kelly’s colleague Oleg Kononenko, both of whom recently returned from a year in space at the International Space Station this month. Kelly posted: “My cosmonaut colleague Oleg Kononenko took this incredible photo of #NYC last night. Enjoy. #YearInSpace.”

We’d ask you to comment with some of your own photos of New York City from space but, c’mon, we both know that’s a little ambitious. Instead, why not follow Kelly on Twitter and check out some of the other impressive images he posted while travelling through the cosmos?

Cover photo credit: NASA Johnson