There’s A Slurpee Bandit On The Loose In NYC!

Fernando Fernando

There’s A Slurpee Bandit On The Loose In NYC!

He’s climbing into your convenience stores, hide your Icees, hide you Slurpees, cause he’s snatching every frozen treat in sight. You’ve heard of Jack The Ripper, but this infamous criminal is trying to make a name for himself by ripping off 7-11s. According to  an article by DNAinfo, a bandit has been stealing cups of the frozen beverage from a 7-Eleven nearly every day for the past month, and even taunting employees after his crime!

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Attila the Hun will tremble in his grave, because this man is giving him and his “barbaric deeds” a run for their money. Apparently on his way out, he shows the cup to employers and says good bye! “He shows the cup like he’s laughing at us,” says one of the employees. The culprit, described as being in his 30s or 40s, comes into the store “almost every day” to execute his bone chilling, brain freezing, scheme. Look around and think twice! The bandit may be your own neighbor! Your mailman! Your dog walker!

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Are the streets of NY safe? Should you stack up on slushees and lock yourself up? “We tried to catch him, but whenever the store is busy, he sneaks inside the store and takes a cup and then leaves,” employees said. “It’s like he’s watching us outside (…) He’s doing it on purpose.” Is this part of a larger scheme? Are we all pawns in this man’s sinister plan to take down the pillars of society one slushee at a time? We’ll never know until it’s too late, but as long as Billy the Kid’s successor is on the loose, NY streets will stay running red, Berry red.

 Featured image source: [scoopnest]

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