The Weirdest 2016 Election Memorabilia On The Interwebs

Rob Grams Rob Grams

The Weirdest 2016 Election Memorabilia On The Interwebs

Imagine, for a second, future America (or as they’ll call it, District 1). A small child removes his hazmat-suit and asks you:

*cough* Were you alive through the *cough* 2016 election”

“Why, yes I was, whipper-snapper… check out my commemorative 2016 election Donald Trump toilet paper!”

Yeah, we’re keeping it classy, even in 2060 …but where would one get such distinguished memorabilia? …and, what else is on offer?

Here’s a round up of the weirdest 2016 presidential election memorabilia on sale today:

Donald Trump Toilet Paper


Price: $12.43

Looking for an ass-wipe? We present you with Donald Trump toilet paper. Easy with that finger, Don, you could at least buy me a drink first!

Hillary Clinton Dog Poop Bags

Price: $14.95

Not happy with the Democrat nominee? These dog poop bags from PooPuppets confirm what we’ve always thought about politicians, they’re full of sh*t.

Donald Trump Parody Squeaking Dog Toy

Price: $14.99

This Donald Trump chew toy couldn’t be better if it were Cheetos flavored.  Imagine how much fun your pooch would have biting down on the next potential leader of the free world.

Nasty Woman Tote

Price: $25

Remember that time, in the last debate, where Trump called Clinton a “Nasty woman.” Well, Nasty Gal we’re quick to mock up this desirable tote with profits going to Planned Parenthood.

Make America Great Again Hat

Price: $25 (or free with purchases over $75)

Yeah, so this one is a given… This is probably the best known Pro-Trump 2016 merchandise in existance, modeled by the Donald at many campaign events.

The Official “Woman Card”

Price: $5

Back in April Trump accused Clinton of playing the “woman card” as a way to win the election… Now you can play your own thanks Hillary’s campaign store.

Trump “Deplorable” Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Price: $19.96

In September, Hillary let slip that “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.” Clinton unwittingly gave the term to Trump supporters who now wear it with pride.

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