The Funnest 5Ks in New York City

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

The Funnest 5Ks in New York City


New York City has a vibrant running culture, so there’s no shortage of foot races you can register for. But if you need a little more motivation to go the extra mile, these 5ks all have a fun twist:


Central Park Running Tour, July 23

On this run, you get to work out and get some history of the park at the same time. You’ll learn about the architecture of the lower side of the park, and be done with your run in time for work.


Color Me RAD, July 26

[Scooter Lowrimore]
[Scooter Lowrimore]
This race at MetLife stadium covers you in rainbow paints and powders while you run. Your ticket includes a t-shirt and socks so you don’t ruin your own, as well as free photos from a professional photographer. Sign up on Fever!


The Chardonnay Run, August 1

[Isabelle Puaut]
[Isabelle Puaut]
Wine and running are two things that don’t usually go together, but New Yorkers will try anything once. Your ticket includes a glass of wine and cheese plate when you finish the race. You’ll be bolting for the finish line!


NYC Challenge Race, Sept 19

challenge race

This 5k is filled with obstacles that will test your strength and endurance. It has rope tires, rope climbs, and even police cars to jump over, just like you’re in a chase. It’s a challenge, but it’s so much fun!


Haunted Island 5k, October 31

[The B's/flickr]
[The B’s/flickr]
It’s never too early to start planning for Halloween. This run is on Roosevelt Island which is rumored to be haunted. Get your workout and then stick around for the Halloween party with live music.


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