The One Where NYC Gets An Unbelievable FRIENDS Immersive Experience!

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The One Where NYC Gets An Unbelievable FRIENDS Immersive Experience!

If you know every FRIENDS™ reference — from the most famous (“We were on a break!”) to the most obscure (“15 Yemen Road, Yemen”) — you must visit the incredible FRIENDS™ Experience: The One in New York City, now open in Flatiron!

This new immersive experience brings the FRIENDS™ set to life with two floors of interactive activities, irresistible merch, original props, and nostalgia-packed rooms recreated from the hit ‘90s series.

The exhibit features over 10 rooms with a series of set-pieces so you and your friends can recreate the show’s funniest sketches in its most iconic sets, including Joey and Chandler’s apartment, Central Perk, and the famous theme song couch, plus all-new creations like Monica & Rachel’s full apartment and balcony, and the Las Vegas Wedding Chapel where Ross and Rachel tied the knot.

In order to ensure public safety, the experience will be “Monica Clean” and implement numerous sanitary measures. As well as obligatory mask-wearing, temperature checks, thorough cleaning efforts, and social distancing precautions will be in place to ensure a safe and friendly experience.

There will also be the chance to relive some of the show’s most iconic moments: like the Pivot heard round the world! Step into the famous scene where Ross, Chandler, and Rachel try to move in a couch and try your hand at pushing it up yourself on the recreated stair corner from the show. You’ll also get to poke Ugly Naked Guy, take a victory lap on Pat the Dog, and take part in plenty of other interactive activities spread throughout the experience.

You can even go head to head with your pals when it comes to FRIENDS™ trivia, with multiple quiz games throughout the exhibit.

Finally — and trust us — this is one of those immersive experiences where you’d gladly exit through the gift shop! The exhibit’s merch store includes t-shirts, coffee mugs, books, and other retail favorites — notwithstanding Joey’s bedtime penguin pal, Hugsy. 

Indulge in your FRIENDS™ nostalgia, check out iconic memorabilia, and re-create some favorite moments at this fan-favorite experience! Tickets start at $45 + taxes and fees.

The experience will be there for you now through Monday, May 31.

Don’t screw up this trifle, get your tickets to The FRIENDS™ Experience here!

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