The 7 Best November Parties And Concerts For Under $25

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

The 7 Best November Parties And Concerts For Under $25


It’s that awkward time of year between Halloween and Thanksgiving when nobody really has much planned. Everyone is still recovering from a boozy costumed weekend and just biding their time until they get to enjoy a couple days off and a huge turkey dinner.

If you’re looking for some plans the next two weekends, but you don’t want to break the bank, here are seven sick parties and concerts you can go to for less than $25:


1. “Saved By The 90s” Party

90s party

This is your chance to rock out to all your favorite 90s hits at one of the best party venues in New York City, Webster Hall. If you buy your ticket on the Fever app, you get the exclusive price of only $10—definitely a bargain for a sweet cover band and ace DJ.


2. Bollywood Brunch Party with DJ Notorious

You’ve probably never done brunch, rooftop partying, and a Bollywood theme all in one event. So this is your chance to try something completely new. And you have done those things together before, here’s your chance to do it again! This party features India’s most famous DJ at a stunning rooftop venue overlooking the Hudson. Tickets are only $15.


3. Girls + Boys present Hyper House

[Webster Hall]
[Webster Hall]
The Boys + Girls party at Webster Hall is always a fun event. This week the club is turning into “Hyper House.” This event is probably not for people who have sensitive eardrums or problems with strobe lights. But it’s hard to resist when it’s only $20.


4. VIP at the Wooly

[Guest of a Guest]
[Guest of a Guest]
The Wooly is one of the city’s most luscious lounges, attended by big-name fashion designers and celebrities like Nicki Minaj. You can be a VIP at the Wooly this Saturday—skip the line and get a cocktail at an exclusive price. All you have to do is download Fever and book your spot for just $10.


5. FIXED 11th Anniversary Party

[Jeremy Boxer]
[Jeremy Boxer]
If Brooklyn clubbing is more your scene, FIXED is celebrating their 11th birthday this Friday at Good Room. It will be a night of intense music spun by talented DJs, and the cover charge is only $11.




If you’re into a more indie music venue, Le Poisson Rouge gets you. Next Sunday they’re featuring HEALTH, an indie rock band that mixes industrial disco and pop to create super fresh sounds. Tickets are only $15.


7. The Knocks

the knocks

If electronic music is your thing, definitely check out The Knocks next weekend. This duo combines their backgrounds in soul, funk, hip hop, and trip hop to create a sound you’ve never heard from anyone else. If you buy your tickets on Fever, you get them for only $24.


Cover photo credit: Trouni/Flickr

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