The 5 Best Crepe Shops In NYC

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The 5 Best Crepe Shops In NYC


Crepes are the new cupcakes. They’re trendy and delicious, and they can be unique and fabulous. You can get them sweet or savory. You can eat them for dessert or dinner. In case you’re at a loss for where to go, here are the five best crepe shops in the city:


5. Crepes and Delices

[Crepes and Delices]
[Crepes and Delices]
As they say at Crepes and Delices, happiness is just one crepe away! They have sweet and savory options, and you can build your own. Go on Fever to get a sweet crepe and a coffee for only $9 on Sunday!


4. Vive la Crepe

[ ]
[Yelp ]
Like most crepe shops, they have sweet and savory options, but you can also try their unique omelette crepes for breakfast. It’s the most decadent way you can start your morning.


3. Crepe du Nord

[Crepes du Nord]
[Crepes du Nord]
This is a unique combination of French and Scandinavian cuisine, with crepes stuffed with spiced herring and lingonberries. Truly a crepe shop like no other.


2. Bar Suzette

[Bar Suzette]
[Bar Suzette]
This is a classic crepe stand which serves some very sophisticated creations. You can try a classic chocolate or Nutella or go for something adventurous like apples and brie or truffled hummus.


1. Crepe Sucre

[Crepe Sucre/Facebook]
Crepe Sucre prides itself on its authentic French creations. Their signature banana, nutella and coconut infused sugar crepe is to-die-for. Check out the Fever app to get any infused sugar crepe for just $5 Saturday!

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