Fear The Pier Is Coming To NYC. Do You Have What It Takes?

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Fear The Pier Is Coming To NYC. Do You Have What It Takes?

Hey! What are you doing just chillin’ and reading blogs? Do you think that sizzling summer body is going to miraculously craft itself?

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Well, it isn’t. Time to kick start your healthy regime with the most fun you can have while breaking a serious sweat at the new Fear The Pier obstacle course on May 21.

Part of the Hudson River Park Games, Fear the Pier is the ultimate in gruelling physical challenges and the perfect springtime activity for friends and family.

Think you’ve got what it takes to complete the course in the fastest time and be crowned the first ever 2016 Master of the Pier? Then what are you waiting for?

Fear the Pier obstacle course
[Hudson River Park Games]
Are you still here? C’mon, you can read and lace up your sneakers at the same time…

The course begins with an intense workout right out of the gate with a tire run speed trap. If you get through that in one piece, it’s on to hurdling over police barriers, crawling under the deck, scaling a school bus (yeah, a school bus!), walking the plank (it’s balance beams but exactly as scary as it sounds) before finishing with the dreaded wall climb.

Fear the Pier Hudson Park Games Families
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But why would any sane New Yorker put themselves through such a Herculean trial?

Well, if the sheer pride you’ll feel by completing the course with your friends and family cheering you on from the sidelines isn’t enough… And if the thought of holding the title of Master of the Pier hasn’t got you chomping at the bit… Then do it for the kids!

Because for every $4 earned by your sweat and tears (well, probably not “tears”) goes directly to Friends of Hudson River Park and translates to looking after one square foot of the park’s sports and recreational space. 

There’s also prizes up for grabs for the top fundraisers, including two round-trip Delta Economy tickets to anywhere in the continental US!

It costs just $25 to register for a single run and $40 for a double run (registration is considered a donation and is tax deductible), which includes a race bib with chip to record your time. There’s also discounts available for roping in 25 of your buddies to compete alongside you. Participants must be over 18 years old to compete.

Hudson Park Games Tug of War
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But Fear The Pier is just one part of a host of activities that make up the Hudson River Park Games including the pentathlon, which features balls games and kayaking, and other community events.

You’ve got to be convinced by now, right? Well just in case, here’s a video of all the fun you’ll be missing out on if you don’t register now.


Fear the Pier takes place on May 21 at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26 from 8am to 7pm.


Featured cover image: Hudson River Park Games

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