See The Last Supermoon (And Flower Blood Moon!) Of 2021 In NYC Early Tomorrow Morning

It's the closest and largest full moon of the year!

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See The Last Supermoon (And Flower Blood Moon!) Of 2021 In NYC Early Tomorrow Morning

Written by Claire Leaden & Justine Golata

There’s going to be some incredible views of the moon tomorrow and you’ll have to wake up real early to catch them.

It’s supermoon season and the last one of the year will occur tomorrow on May 26th! A supermoon is a full moon that appears to be bigger than usual because it’s at its closest point to Earth in a given orbit. This upcoming supermoon will be the closet full Moon of the year set to peak around 7:14 a.m. EDT. 

Tomorrow’s supermoon will turn red in color and is better known as the “Super Flower Blood Moon.” What’s unique about this supermoon is that it’s occurring at the same time as a total lunar eclipse (the first since 2019) that happens “when the Sun and Moon occupy precise positions on opposite sides of Earth,” shared NASA. “[T]he Algonquin tribes of what is now the northeastern United States called this the Flower Moon for the flowers that are abundant this time of year.”

Facebook/ NASA

Sadly, us in the eastern US will not get a good look at the total lunar eclipse for it will mostly be visible across areas of Mexico, Canada, Central America, and western US. However, for those early risers, the Griffith Observatory is streaming the eclipse from 4:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. ET.

According to NASA, the eastern US will be able to catch a bit of the partial eclipse “which takes place as the Moon moves into and out of Earth’s shadow” shortly before the moon sets.

In a typical year there can be three or four full supermoons in a row. The first supermoon of the year was last month on April 26th also known as the “Pink Moon,” and for 2021, only these two moons will meet the 90% threshold. So they are quite rare this year. Additionally, this will be the first total lunar eclipse to occur with a supermoon in nearly six years!

Don’t worry if you miss the phenomenon because the Moon will continue to appear full through Thursday morning.

If you can’t see it in person, you can check out the occurrence with NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio.

featured image source: Instagram/ @lightbender_photo

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