Spider-Man arrested in Times Square for kicking woman. Batman tries to clear name

Joshua Saxon Joshua Saxon

Spider-Man arrested in Times Square for kicking woman. Batman tries to clear name

Cops descended on a Times Square Spider-Man after the superhero “kicked a tourist” for not tipping him.

Abdelamine El-Khezzan, 37, is then said to have thrown several punches at the woman’s husband – all of which missed – and then escaped up a light pole (seriously, we are not making this up).

In an unofficial DC/Marvel team up that would send your average entertainment lawyer’s head into a spin, Batman – aka NYC street performer Jose Escalona – filmed the incident and insists it was the tourist who started the fight.

According to Batman (never thought we’d say those words), the whole thing started when the Virginia woman, her husband and their four children took a photo with the costumed avenger. But when he was refused a tip, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man apparently accused the woman of lying and kicked her, prompting an aggressive reaction from her husband.

“That set the guy off,” Batman told the New York Post.

The web-slinger was then said to have faced off with the husband insisting he deal the first blow, a request he was more than happy to oblige according to the Dark Knight. Spidey then proceeded into an impressive display of attacks, which all fell far short of the mark, and disappeared to higher ground,

This is not the first time a Spider-Man has crossed the line in Times Square. Junior Bishop – a 26-year-old Spider-Man impersonator – has been arrested several times for harassing tourists and brawling with cops.


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