Snapchat Spectacles Arrived In NYC, Here’s What You Need To Know

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Snapchat Spectacles Arrived In NYC, Here’s What You Need To Know

The line could be seen wrapped around the block yesterday, across the street from Central Park, near 59th Street and Fifth Avenue… and for a change it wasn’t for a new iPhone. It finally happened, Snapchat Spectacles landed in NYC.

This is the first time a Snapchat Spectacle popup has made it’s way to the East Coast. Snap Inc. have launched previous iterations of their unique vending machines in surprise secret locations along the East Coast, with the previous pop-ups appearing for 24-hour periods across California and in Oklahoma …but unlike other Snapchat popups, ours is here to good …well, until New Year’s Eve at least.

For the price of just $130, you could be the proud owner of pair of plastic video-recording glasses that sends 10-second clips to your phone. So here are the details:

The popup is located at 5 E 59th St, and is open every day up until New Year’s Eve with the following exceptions.

  • Closed:
    • 11/24  Thanksgiving
    • 12/24 Christmas Eve
    • 12/25 Christmas Day

Now for some useful advice.

  • Wrap up warm: As we said lines are long (some people yesterday waited between 4-6 hours) and it’s cold out.
  • If you need the restroom, go NOW: There are no restrooms on the inside (see above… it’s a long wait)
  • Be prepared for trouble paying: A few people reported trouble paying with debit cards yesterday, some banks believing that the snapchat-spectacle-hopeful was the victim of fraud, just take an extra card just in case.

If all that sounds like too much effort you could always pick some up on eBay for the bargain price of $610!

Were you one of the lucky people to get your hands on a pair of Snapchat specs? Let us know what you think!

Featured image source [businessinsider]