7 Signs NYC Prices Are Getting A *Little* Out Of Hand

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

7 Signs NYC Prices Are Getting A *Little* Out Of Hand

We all know it’s expensive to live in New York City, but the costs are getting even more ridiculous. Here are seven signs that the prices have gotten completely out of control:


1. The city’s most expensive home currently for sale on Zillow is listed at $77 million

It’s a 7 bed, 8.5 bath palace on the east side of Central Park.


2. Someone built an igloo during winter storm Jonas and put it up on Airbnb for $200 a night

That would be $6,000 a month…for an igloo. The guy who built this actually received 5 rental requests before Airbnb took down the listing.


3. $1 million parking spots are a thing

[Car Scoops]
[Car Scoops]
Over the summer the Wall Street Journal reported that at least two new condominium developers in Manhattan were asking for $1 million for each parking space they had available.


4. The Algonquin Hotel serves a $10,000 martini

expensive martini

It’s that expensive because it actually comes with a real diamond in the glass. Can you imagine if you swallowed it by accident?


5. Nino’s serves a $1,000 pizza

[High Stakes Living]
[High Stakes Living]
It has caviar and lobster on it. And people actually order this.


6. A food truck has a $666 burger on their menu


The Douche Burger was actually created a joke, and they’ve only sold one, but still…a food truck is making a $666 burger.


7. People are lining up to buy $7 bagels in Williamsburg

Seven dollars seems cheap in comparison to a $1,000 pizza, but really, this is a bagel. It should cost a dollar. But people are lining up out the door to pay 7 dollars for a bagel and cream cheese made with food coloring.


Cover photo credit: CarSpotter/Flickr

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