Shed In Driveway For Sale In Brooklyn: $499,000

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Brooklyn shed for sale

We all had a good laugh when a London landlord put his cupboard under the stairs up for rent at £500/month ($730) a little while back. Ha ha! That’s just like Harry Potter! Aren’t those Brits silly?

Well, not to be outdone, one Brooklyn landlord has put this little beauty up for sale at half a million dollars. Presenting, the shed in a driveway!

Shed for sale in Brookyln 500000
Yep, this Gravesend property has got everything. According to the ad, it’s “better than a condo” and includes a bedroom, full bathroom and boasts 1,933 sqft (the entire lot).

Admittedly, it “needs work”, but it’s a rare opportunity to own a home that was previously occupied by the owner’s pets – including pitbulls (true story).

You’re also in luck if you have a fleet of cars to go with this deluxe abode on 86 Bay 47th Street as it comes with a driveway big enough for six vehicles.

Don’t know if it’s just us, but that cupboard under the stairs is starting to look quite appealing.

Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs
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Featured cover image: Trulia

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