Ride A Vintage Subway Train To The Yankee’s Home Opener Tomorrow

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Ride A Vintage Subway Train To The Yankee’s Home Opener Tomorrow
It’s that time of year again! To start the season off on the right foot, Yankee fans are invited to ride a century-old train to the opening game against the Baltimore Orioles this Thursday, March 28.

The Nostalgia Train that will be rolling out for this special occasion is the 1917 Lo-V train car. Originally operated by the Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT) system, these were the trains that took people to the games when the Yankee Stadium first opened back in the 1920s.

Experience the ride the way New Yorkers would’ve nearly a century ago—or even 60 years ago—complete with ceiling fans, rattan seats, and drop car sash windows. The Lo-V trains weren’t retired until the 1960s, and can now be seen at the New York Transit Museum or on special occasions such has this one. 

The vintage Nostalgia Train is scheduled to take fans from the uptown 4 train platform at Grand Central at 11 a.m., running non-stop on the Lexington Avenue Line to 161st Street in the Bronx. The ride to the stadium will take about 25 minutes, and with the 1st pitch taking place at 1:05 p.m. you’ll have plenty of time to settle in! 

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