85 Reasons Real New Yorkers Will Never Leave The City

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

85 Reasons Real New Yorkers Will Never Leave The City

There’s been a lot of talk about New York City lately…

How it’s “dead,” how New Yorkers are fleeing the city for greener pastures during the pandemic (okay, there are 13,000 empty apartments in Manhattan, but it’s mostly high-end buildings!), etc.

But we know NYC can survive anything life throws at her. After all, it’s called the “greatest city in the world” for a reason.

And we know that there are so many New Yorkers who call this amazing city home, who are committed to her, through thick and thin, no matter what.

So, we asked our incredible readers, what is even just one reason they would never leave New York?

And here are all of their answers.

We truly couldn’t have said it better ourselves:

1. Because NYC is love.

2. Museums, art galleries, live theater.

3. There is no city like it. Best of everything.

4. Energy. Creativity. Diversity. Grit.

5. There’s food 24/7.

6. New York has pushed me to be fearless and courageous.

7. Walking around NYC, I think about how many people dream just to vacation here. I live it.

8. Being able to raise my daughter where the opportunities are the best of the best!

9. The energy is palpable.

10. Laughing about some ridiculous NY antics with a complete stranger.


11. My taxi driver and I laying on the ground fishing for my keys in a storm drain…he got them.

12. Because NYC is in my blood. No other place is as exciting and alive.

13. The man on the D train that sells movies, batteries, and earphones.

14. I feel the same range of emotions about this city as I do my BFF. From love to ughhh.

15. I will not give up on NYC. I spent my life getting here and I’m no quitter.

16. Because it makes you stronger!

17. This is where my father’s memories are.

18. Everywhere sucks right now — might as well be in the best city in the world!

19. I’ve lived here my whole life and still haven’t tried every restaurant in the city.

20. Because you don’t just abandon family when the going gets tough. And New York is family!


21. Bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll just isn’t the same anywhere else!

22. The changing of seasons is so notable here, it’s like a different city every four months.

23. Because there is no place on Earth that has this type of dreamer energy.

24. There’s a completely different feeling every 10 blocks, the diversity is insane in every sense!

25. Spent too much, gotta get my money’s worth by staying here…

26. The undeniable energy that fills your spirit every day you wake up in NYC, can’t replicate.

27. It is forever changing and evolving.

28. The clashes of cultures — whether in celebration, chaos, or conflict. I never stop loving it.

29. The people, friendships and memories made in this city will stay forever and live on.

30. There’s no “leaving NYC,” being a New Yorker follows you anywhere you go.


31. The suburbs are my nightmare.

32. It’s so alive, when you’re away you miss it like it’s a person.

33. I love the diversity, I love walking down the street and hearing all the different languages being spoken.

34. The adrenaline it gives by just walking around and feeling like you can do anything.

35. Because it’s my second home and you don’t betray a motherland when it needs you the most.

36. Everything and anything at your fingertips. Late nights and early mornings.

37. It stays by your side even when no one does and keeps you moving.

38. She loves me as much as I love her.

39. 24-hour bodega on my corner.

40. Even a simple walk is more eventful than 99% of any other place.

41. You can be your truest self.

42. Returning from any trip and seeing the skyline is falling in love again.

43. I will never be over the fact that you can just bounce around all the neighborhoods via subway.

44. The ease of having everything within blocks at all hours.

45. The energy and inspiration this city emulates throughout can’t be replicated anywhere else.

46. Traveled enough to know that no other major city has the energy of NYC…it can never die.

47. This is the capital of the world. You meet people from places you ain’t never heard of!

48. We all come together and begin a conversation as a family…when we see a rat in the train track.

49. 24/7 subway lines.

50. The constant reminder that you are allowed to start over at any given minute.


51. Living here has made me a better human.

52. I’m safe to be myself here.

53. The MTA…it’s not the best but it’s the most functional in all of America.

54. Locals. Truly the nicest people. The unity and comfort of NYC doesn’t compare to anywhere else.

55. I never want to own a car again.

56. The beauty of waking up here, watching the sunset and falling asleep knowing I’m in my city.

57. NYC is like traveling the world but not getting on a plane. We have it all!

58. You have no excuse of being bored like EVER.

59. My one reason is that there’s too many reasons to count.

60. It’s the first place I felt like I belong to.


61. Everything is walking-distance away.

62. The NYC determination and spirit of those who stayed.

63. You can be whoever you want, whenever you want.

64. The views from the rooftops.

65. Opportunity.

66. Can’t seem to give up a rent-controlled apartment.

67. Early mornings when it’s just me and the delivery trucks.

68. My New Yawk accent!

69. Christmas days and October weather.

70. Because it takes a connoisseur to truly appreciate this work of art that is NYC.


71. The diversity. People that live here are from all walks of life and have a story to tell.

72. It has a soul.

73. I don’t feel safe anywhere else.

74. NYC is not a city, it’s a world.

75. Broadway!

76. It’s the most accepting place.

77. It’s the only place I’ve lived where I’m never in my comfort zone — yet feels like home.

78. Street lights never go out, no matter how “dead” NYC is!

79. It’s the capital of the world,

80. There’s an adventure around every corner.


81. Seeing the Empire State Building on my walk home.

82. The smell of roasted chestnuts.

83. You are always six feet away from someone you already know or someone you are about to know.

84. Worked too hard to get here to just leave that easily!

85. No reason needed. It’s NYC.

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