This Queens Diner Has Been Turning Into A Retro Drive-In Movie Theater Each Week

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This Queens Diner Has Been Turning Into A Retro Drive-In Movie Theater Each Week

We already knew drive-in movie theaters were making a comeback in this new socially-distanced era, and they’ve already started in NYC!

The Bel Aire Diner in Astoria, Queens, which originally opened in 1965, started hosting movie nights in their large (or large for NYC standards) shared parking lot this month at 31-91 21st St. They showed “Grease,” and even had themed food like “The Ones That I Want Mozzarella Sticks” and “Greek-ed Lightning” Greek food platters.

Next up is: Rocky Horror Picture Show at 8 and 11pm on Sunday, May 24; The Greatest Showman at 8 and 11pm on Monday, May 25; and The Princess Bridge on Tuesday, May 26 at only 11pm. For all three, sales open Saturday, May 23 at 5pm (today).

You are able to purchase the tickets directly from their website here. They always announce their next showings on their Instagram here, and be sure to keep a lookout because they have been selling out extremely quickly!


They have a number of safety measures in place, and police from the local precinct have been on hand to ensure people are following social distancing rules. You can order food ahead of time from their website (just add your car color and license plate number to the order so they can deliver it right to you), or pay with cash only once there. You must be inside your car to watch the movie, and you can tune in to the sound on a specific FM radio station.

Hopefully some other NYC diners or businesses with larger parking lots follow suit—although you do have to be one of those lucky New Yorkers who actually has a car in the city.

Now we’re awaiting when Tribeca Film announces their locations for their summer drive-in series—fingers crossed they have NYC venues!

featured image source: Instagram / @belairediner

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