NYC’s ‘Sip and Paint,’ Taken to a Whole New Level at “Henny & Paint”

If you’ve never been to a ‘sip and paint’ event, but always been a little curious as to what goes down at one, THIS is the boozy paint night you’ve been looking for.

Take your average ‘Sip and Paint,’ and give it a serious upgrade: welcome to Henny & Paint! The three things you need to become a painter: paint, a canvas, and a muse—or in this case, a friendly instructor. At Henny & Paint, you’ll get all three, plus an open bar stocked with the best cognac and served the way you like it.

Throughout each two-hour session, you will follow along with an experienced painter to create a new piece of art to hang in your home. Even if you’re not planning on displaying your artwork, you’re sure to meet an array of like-minded creative types in a relaxed environment, enjoying cognac while creating a unique masterpiece.

For two hours, you’ll have access to all the Hennessy you need to coax your inner Picasso out of his shell. A fun and exciting painting instructor will be there to help you turn that blank canvas into a masterpiece. Great music, flowing drinks, and a guaranteed good time are waiting for you at 96th St Studio (202 West 96th St Suite1B, Manhattan) and Empire & Showcase Studio, (9611 Glenwood Road, Brooklyn).

Unleash your inner Picasso at Henny & Paint, find out more HERE