NYC’s First Annual Pizza Festival Is Happening Next Weekend In The Bronx

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pizza fest 2
Love pizza? Then you won’t want to miss out on the festival of the season happening this October.

This first ever pizza fest event will be taking place on October 6 and 7 of Columbus Day weekend on Crescent Avenue located parallel to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx’s Little Italy.

The event will be hosted by the Belmont Business Improvement District and the Pizza Academy Foundation, and will bring the most renowned PIZZAIOLI, from around the world- including some of the best from New York and even some of the best from Naples, Italy- onto one block to celebrate their craft for the people who live in and around New York.

Interested? While tickets aren’t necessary to enter the area, you will need them if you want to eat so make sure you get yours ahead of time. The street will be lined with more than 30 pizzeria stations so you’re going to be tempted to chow down. Prices range from $25 for 3 slices and $35 for 6. While non-alcoholic drinks will be available with any ticket purchase, beer and wine options come separate. Come spend the day with friends and family at this 2-day event showcasing the talents of the most renowned pizza makers from the US and Italy, various chefs and culinary personalities.

The street set up will look a little something like this:

map (1)

You can check out more info on their offficial website or Instagram page.

Featured image: @saclauk via Twitter