An NYC Summer Go-To, Gallow Green Rooftop Will Soon Open!

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It’s hard to believe winter is coming to an end when we’re suddenly getting hit by weekly snow storms, but technically Spring begins next Tuesday—which means it’s practically summer already, right?

If you’ve ever spent a summer in NYC you know that means al fresco everything. More specifically, rooftop happy hours every-damn-day. Gallow Green is one of the city’s best (and favorite) rooftop bars year-round and they’ve finally announced they’ll be opening their rooftop area on April 20!

It is still currently The Lodge at Gallow Green—which you should visit if you haven’t already—until April 1. The space was transformed into a cozy wintry rooftop cabin, made to look like it was in the middle of a forest. A spectacular experience, especially considering it’s in the heart of the city’s madness.

Featured image source: Yelp / Bob C.