21 Amazing Things New Yorkers Are Putting On Their 2021 Bucket Lists

Including what we're putting on ours!

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

21 Amazing Things New Yorkers Are Putting On Their 2021 Bucket Lists

It’s time to (finally) say goodbye to 2020, and HELLO to 2021.

Though of a course a new year won’t fix everything, it definitely feels like the right time to have a fresh start.

One thing that gets us super excited is making a list of all the activities we want to take part in the new year — and luckily, we’re in the best place to do that: NYC! We also asked our Instagram followers what was on their 2021 bucket lists, and got even more ideas from that.

Full of the best of arts, culture, dining and more, NYC is still the place to be for 2021. Here’s to things looking up in the New Year!

First, here’s what you’re putting on your 2021 bucket list, according to our IG poll!

1. Run Central Park

Amazing! But if you’d rather bike, try this instead!

2. Visit all the touristy areas before tourists return

3. See the “Edge” in person

This is the largest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere…and is definitely on our list too!

Courtesy Oxford/Related

4. Travel anywhere and everywhere

5. Helicopter ride over the city with family

We can help you there!

6. More rooftop bars

Here are our favorite winter ones!
Courtesy Photo Sushi Lab

7. Broadway shows

Same! Dr. Fauci says Broadway could reopen by late summer…

8. Go outside as much as possible

NYC Gov Parks

9. Go back and see the Statue of Liberty.

Take a boat cruise around it here!

10. Find a new amazing bookstore

We have some ideas!
Instagram / @rizzolibookstore

11. Hot chocolate in Central Park at midnight in winter

This sounds magical! Check out NYC’s best hot chocolates here.

12. Indoor Dining

It should reopen at some point in 2020…

And now, here’s what we’re putting ours!

13. Check out the Museum of Natural History’s brand new Hall of Gems & Minerals

It opens in February! Don’t miss the 12-foot-tall amethyst…

14. Travel down the rabbit hole at the Mad Hatter’s (Gin &) Tea Party in NYC

We can’t wait to experience this new hit when it comes to the city! Your hosts for the evening, The Mad Hatter and his even madder guests, invite you to delight and bewitch the senses as you enjoy a 90-minute psychedelic cocktail menu. Get tickets here.

15. Explore the hidden catacombs beneath NYC

This has always been on our list!

16. Practice more self-care and treat ourselves to a massage

Always a good New Year’s resolution! Get one here.

17. Visit the photography museum Fotografiska

This gorgeous museum was only open for a few months before the pandemic, so we’re excited to explore five floors of incredible artwork in a 19th century NYC landmark! Hopefully their beautiful European cocktail bar Ver┼Źnika will be reopening soon too.


18. Explore NYC’s first-ever floating park

“Little Island” is expected to open this spring…and it looks pretty magical already!

19. Dive into this Cold War submarine-themed tiki bar coming to NYC

The Acey-Deucey Club will splash into NYC this May! A pop-up tiki bar set inside a Cold War-era American submarine-themed space, you’ll feel like you’re underwater as you enjoy allll the themed cocktails and kitschy decor. Get advanced tickets here.

20. Visit all of NYC’s extraordinary places

You probably won’t believe many of these are even in the city! We’ve visited about 5/10, and want to do more this year!

21. Ride Coney Island’s new roller coaster

featured image source: Courtesy of Related-Oxford

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