5 Insane NYC Eating Challenges That Separate The Men From The Boys

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5 Insane NYC Eating Challenges That Separate The Men From The Boys


If you’re one of those sadistic people who like to torture themselves by eating the hottest hot wings on the planet or other ridiculous food, keep reading. This article is for you.


1. Don Chingnon’s 30 Pound Burrito

NYC eating challenges
[Don Chingnon]
This ridiculous challenge recently emerged out of Park Slope, Brooklyn and people are freaking out about it. If you eat a 30 pound burrito at this taqueria, you get a ten percent stake in the company. We have it on record that at least one person has attempted the challenge…and failed.


2. Brick Lane Curry House’s Phaal

NYC eating challenges
Do you love curry? You might be able to take on this one. If you can eat a bowl of Phaal, an excruciatingly hot curry, you will get your picture in the P’Hall of Fame in Brick Lane Curry House.


3. Mark Burger Record Sliders

NYC eating challenges
[Mark Burger]
This restaurant is famous for its sliders (and its Guinness milkshake). They’re incredibly delicious, but are they delicious enough to eat almost 30 of them? If you beat the record for the most sliders eaten in one sitting, your meal is free. The current record is 25.


4. Lunch Box’s Hot Wings

NYC eating challenges
[Lunch Box]
Lunch Box in Staten Island has several food challenges. One is drinking 151 ounce milkshake in 20 minutes. They also have a wing challenge where you have to finish a plate of super hot buffalo wings in 10 minutes with no utensils, and you’re not allowed to drink anything for 10 minutes after you finish.


5. Mojave’s Deathly Spicy Tequila

NYC eating challenges
So, you don’t actually have to eat anything for this one. You have to do a shot of agave tequila that’s been infused with habañero peppers, and not eat or drink anything afterwards for five minutes. The concoction is so vicious that you have to sign a waiver to drink it. If you conquer the challenge, you get your name on their wall of fame.


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