5 NYC Daredevil Feats That You’re Definitely Too Chicken To Try

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5 NYC Daredevil Feats That You’re Definitely Too Chicken To Try

Obviously, you missed your chance to walk across the space between the twin towers, like Philippe Petit did in 1979, but there are tons of other ways to be a daredevil in NYC. Here are some super dangerous/cool/illegal feats that people have actually done:


1. Climbing to the top of a bridge

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According to teen daredevil Humza Deas, getting to the top of the Queensboro bridge requires climbing a ladder, walking across beams and looking down at the traffic underneath you, and then climbing another ladder. He likes to take a photo of the bridge underneath his feat dangling.


2. Graffitiing 7 stories up


Graffiti artist DCEVE tagged the front face of a seven story building on Canal Street, all the way at the top. The building only offered a ledge that was shorter than his feet to stand on. He had to leave his piece a bit unfinished because he dropped his gray paint toward the end.


3. BASE Jumping Off One World Trade Center

BASE jumping in NYC is incredibly difficult to do, because buildings have so many security measures in place. But a group of three guys managed to BASE jump off One World Trade Center in the early hours of the morning in 2014. You can watch their jump in the above video.


4. Skitching

Skitching is when a skateboarder, in-line skater, or cyclist grabs onto a car or bus and gets pulled along. The professional stunt skater in the above video does it three times during his roll around NYC.


5. Walking Through Subway Tunnels

Dark Cyanide is famous their Instagram photos of the bowels of the New York City subway system (and photos taken from the tops of buildings). The subway pictures have little context to reveal their location, but photos of trains with their lights on seem to indicate they’re working right in the danger zone.


Note: These stunts were all pulled by people who clearly have no fear of getting arrested or dying. Engage in daredevil activities at your own risk.


Cover photo credit: Lei Han/Flickr

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