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NYC Is Officially ‘Back In Full Force,’ De Blasio Announces

Justine Golata Justine Golata

NYC Is Officially ‘Back In Full Force,’ De Blasio Announces

“A new era is about to begin in NYC,” shared Mayor Bill de Blasio in a tweet this morning.

The city is making monumental steps towards recovery from COVID-19. “This is the day we have been waiting for,” announced Mayor Bill de Blasio in today’s press conference. “You’re gonna remember in the history of this city this day, September 13th, 2021, a day that was a game changer, a difference maker, a turn around day. This is the day.”

What makes today so significant? September 13th marks the first day that the Key to NYC is being enforced. The Key to NYC is an initiative “which requires certain establishments to verify that staff and patrons are vaccinated against COVID-19” at places such as fitness centers, indoor dining, and indoor entertainment venues such as movie theaters, stadiums, and exhibition halls.

Although the Key to NYC first launched on August 17th, full implementation of the initiative officially begins today to help keep New Yorkers safe.

Today is also the first day back at NYC public schools. With new mandates, there are many precautions in place such as required vaccinations for NYC public school employees and students in “high-risk” extracurriculars and sports.


Additionally, some of the biggest shows on Broadway will once again hit the stage this week, the Metropolitan Opera House returns, and many New Yorkers are heading back to work.

As of today, over 11 million vaccine doses have been administered. That means two thirds of New Yorkers have been vaccinated.

“New Yorkers really have a lot to be proud of,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In other news: In-School Vaccination Sites Will Be Available At All NYC Public Schools For Kids 12+