This NYC Airport Is The 5th Worst In The US For Holiday Travel

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This NYC Airport Is The 5th Worst In The US For Holiday Travel

Many New Yorkers will be leaving the city for the holidays; perhaps going back home to spend the season with family and friends or just fleeing the inclement weather. Arguably the worst part of going “home” for the holidays is the actual trip. Whether it’s delays (or god forbid, cancellations), lost luggage, rude flight attendants or simply just the ordeal of airport security, it often feels like EVERY airport is a pain in the holidays.

NerdWallet have compiled airport rankings for the best, and worst, airports in the country for holiday travel. And yes, NYC made the list …well at least the bottom of it. New York City doesn’t have the absolute worst airport in the US, but we’re close, coming in at 5th worse is LaGuardia.

Factoring in delays, cancellations, even yelp reviews, using data collected from November and December over the last three years, NerdWallet crunched their numbers from the 50 busiest airports. Here are the best and worst of the bunch:

1. Honolulu International, Honolulu, HI
2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, Atlanta, GA
3. Phoenix Sky Harbor International, Phoenix, AZ
4. Seattle-Tacoma International, Seattle, WA
5. Miami International, Miami, FL
46. LaGuardia, New York, NY
47. Chicago O’Hare International, Chicago, IL
48. Newark Liberty International, Newark, NJ
49. San Francisco International, San Francisco, CA
50. Dallas/Fort Worth International, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

It serves as some consolation that we beat Newark Liberty and San Francisco, but COME ON LaGuardia!

Featured image source [flickr Anirudh Koul]

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