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NY and NJ Transit Systems Are Banning Booze During SantaCon This Weekend

By Bianca Bahamondes

NY and NJ Transit Systems Are Banning Booze During SantaCon This Weekend
SantaCon: a yearly excuse for thousands of people to come together, dressed as Ol’ Saint Nick, and drink. This year, however, there are some new rules.

For those coming into the city on Saturday, December 8 to take part in the festive bar crawl, you’ll have to wait to begin the fun until you’ve arrived. For the duration of SantaCon—through Saturday and into the morning of December 9—the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North, and NJ Transit are all banning alcohol consumption during the commute.

While Metro-North and LIRR have a 24-hour ban that will begin at noon on Saturday, the NJ Transit is banning the consumption of all liquid beverages. In their press release, the agency wrote:

“NJ TRANSIT is prohibiting all beverages on its trains, light rail vehicles and buses on Saturday, December 8th and the early morning of Sunday, December 9th to coincide with the annual SantaCon event in New York City and Asbury Park. No beverages of any kind, in any type of container, open or closed, will be permitted on board trains, buses or light rail vehicles during this time. This policy will be strictly enforced.”


In the MTA’s press release it was noted that this ban on alcohol during the weekend of SantaCon has been in effect for the past five years.

featured image source: Photo Modified: flickr/ Brian Lin/ CC by 2.0