New York To Approve Sunday Morning Drinking?

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Sunday Morning Drinking Laws

The city that never sleeps could be going that extra mile to earn its nickname as plans emerge to allow bars to sell booze from 8am on Sundays.

In NYC, bars are prohibited from selling alcohol until noon, causing disappointment for boozy brunchers and sports fans who feel like they could use a little social lubrication when their team’s on.

But a Governor Andrew Cuomo-appointed panel has released a report lauding the merits of getting loaded first thing on the Sabbath.

Alec Baldwin drinking
Hold on there a second, Alec Baldwin. It’s still just a report at this stage. But it does site sports events like the recent Buffalo Bills game in London which was broadcast live at 9.30am in New York.

It states: “Since the game was on a Sunday, licensees were not even able to obtain an ‘all-night’ permit to open earlier since such permits only allow businesses to continue serving until 8am. A similar situation will be faced next season when the New York Giants football team is expected to play in London.”

The panel proposes two alternatives:

  1. Prohibit alcohol before 8am on Sundays instead of noon.
  2. Offer a permit for serving booze on Sunday.

Governor Cuomo added: “This administration has taken important steps to cut red tape, roll back burdensome recommendations and help this industry continue to grow.”

Can’t wait to get your Sunday booze on? Why not try a Sunday Funday or a Champagne Bottomless Brunch? You’ll have to wait until 12pm to start knocking them back, but think of all the extra sleeping you can get in!


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