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New Tim Burton-themed Bar In NYC Promises “100% Human Meat”

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New Tim Burton-themed Bar In NYC Promises “100% Human Meat”

Hardcore New York carnivores are always looking for the next best thing in meat consumption. Whether it’s the perfect burger, the most succulent steak or cow brains, NYC offers some of the best fine dining options for the salad averse among us.

And now, the NYC restaurant scene presents… genuine human flesh!

Nick Passes Out
At least, that’s what Beetle House, the new Tim Burton-themed bar set to open later this month on 308 East Sixth Street is promising on their website.

Secret NYC is going to assume they don’t mean it, considering they quickly follow up the claim insisting their meat is actually organic and chemical-free while also offering vegetarian options for many of the items on the menu.

But still, how much fun does this place sound?

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The food menu reads like a creepy culinary wishlist for Burton fans, featuring Edward Burger Hands and Eggs Skellington while the drinks menu includes The Headless Horseman and of course, Beetlejuice.

Hannibal reading
The quirky establishment is not new territory for founders Zach Neil and Brian Link, who opened a Will Ferrell-themed bar Stay Classy, New York on 174 Rivington Street last year.


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