You Might Soon Be Eligible For A Half-Price Metro Card In NYC

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You Might Soon Be Eligible For A Half-Price Metro Card In NYC

It’s no secret that NYC can be a nightmare for those who earn a modest salary. As the city seemingly squeezes it’s poorer citizens and their homes, it can feel like the cards are constantly stacked against them.

A new initiative is hoping to redress the balance in a small, but helpful way. The plan calls for anyone aged 18 to 64 living below the federal poverty level to be able to buy MetroCards at half-price. This move would impact some 800,000 New Yorkers and save them around $700 annually.

This program would not be the first of it’s kind, students and disabled people currently receive discounted metro cards. Given that fares are set to rise to $3 in 2017, this discount could be life changing for New Yorkers that are already stuggleing to make ends meet.

In an email, deputy press secretary for the mayor’s office, Freddi Goldstein, told dnainfo:

“Last year, in addition to the nearly $1 billion that the City provides the MTA annually for its operations, we committed an unprecedented $2.5 billion towards the agency’s capital plan, […] This proposal will be evaluated as part of the fare-setting process for the MTA as well as the State and City budgets.”

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