MAP: Where to Find The Best Pokémon In New York City

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MAP: Where to Find The Best Pokémon In New York City

If you’re going to walk around the city looking like a zombie, staring at your mobile phone, you may as well be hunting Pokémon on “Pokémon Go”, right?

What is “Pokémon Go”? It’s a free-to-play, GPS based augmented reality mobile game for iOS and Android devices.

We’re going to assume that because you clicked on this article you already know the ins and outs of the Pokémon universe.

So you downloaded the game and now you’re frothing at the mouth to hunt down a Zubat, Pikachu, Charizard, Staryu… but wait a minute, where do I start?

Settle down there trainer! We have you covered! Here is a map showing where people just like you have found Pokémon.

You can even contribute to the map here:

Here are some other locations around the city:

From Left to right, a Doduo in a bike lane near Madison Square Park.  A Rattata is hunting pigeons in Times Square.  An Eavee on Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, apparently attending a wedding.

[Jen Chung / Gothamist]
[Jen Chung / Gothamist]
Were not here to judge, whether it is in bad taste or not, there are quite a few Pokémon at the 9/11 memorial.

Let us know when and where you spot more Pokémon, and PLAY SAFE! Keep your eyes up when crossing the street, if not Officer Monello and his partner might have something to say about it.

Featured image source [nytimes.com]

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