Get A Final Look Down The Rabbit Hole At Mad Hatter’s Fabulous Gin & Tea Party In NYC

Justine Golata Justine Golata

Get A Final Look Down The Rabbit Hole At Mad Hatter’s Fabulous Gin & Tea Party In NYC

Put your pinky’s up and get ready for a night of absolute entertainment and utter madness!

The most fabulous party of the year is only open for a few more days…and you’re invited! Mad Hatter’s gin & tea party is here NYC, only until Nov. 21.

We got to experience the extravagant event firsthand and it’s absolutely magical!

Justine Golata for Secret NYC

First, you’ll enter into the Mad Hatter’s hat shop where you’ll select a wildly dramatic hat to suit your unique personality.

Once you’ve chosen the hat for you, you’ll head into a room of mirrors to snap the perfect selfie of you and your gang all dressed up—and don’t think that the photo ops stop there!

After securing your very best mirror selfie, you will make your way through imaginative rooms completely designed in Alice & Wonderland style with floating clocks, blossoming flowers, and the Caterpillar’s signature hookah (as a prop only).

Justine Golata for Secret NYC

Once you’ve explored all the rooms, it’ll be time to officially jump down the rabbit hole. Enter into NYC’s Secret Wonderland and befriend the wonderland assistants who will take you to your seat at the table.

Justine Golata for Secret NYC

From there, the party host, Mad Hatter himself, will welcome you with charming enthusiasm, along with Dormouse and Hare. Take a sip of  the “Drink Me” potion and let the celebration begin!

Justine Golata for Secret NYC

Drinks will be served at 6 o’clock in wonderland time as guests will enjoy (and help create) a unique selection of three delicious gin drinks all served in adorable teacups! From color changing cocktails to drinks topped with popping bubbles, they’re sure to dazzle you!

Sip your cocktails, munch on tasty tea sandwiches, and watch Mad Hatter and his friends sing, dance, and crack jokes as they try to escape eternity.

It’s sure to be an extraordinary time full of theatrics, laughter, and of course, lots of gin!

Grab your tickets now before it ends this weekend!

Mad Hatter's (Gin &) Tea Party

Opening Thursday, Oct. 14
Starting at $59
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