Mad Hatter’s Brooklyn Tea Party Transforms Into An Enchanting Winter Wonderland

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mad hatter winter wonderland 2

It’s officially that time of year, to kick up the holiday cheer!

Join the Mad Hatter as he leads guests down the rabbit hole and into his vintage London double-decker bus for the tea party extravaganza of the year: Winter In Wonderland!

No matter how you take your poison, fret not! Your whimsical hosts will doctor mysterious tea party concoctions filled with plenty of holiday spirit—such as the Off With Your Head! which includes gin, gomme, and a hibiscus infusion, and the Who Are You? made with various spices and mulled wine.

MadHatter Winter Wonderland

The rest of the festive holiday menu will include a mixed cheeseboard, miniature quiche lorraine (or broccoli quiche with gruyere), and even a gluten free option of pumpkin muffins! Each of these tasty bites will perfectly accompany each delightful cocktail.

The Mad Hatter is known to throw an exciting bash, so be sure not to miss his Holiday Party!

What: Mad Hatter’s G&T Party: Christmas Special

Where: 173 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn

When: November 29 – December 31; Various Sessions

Tickets: Grab them here now