An A-list Erotic Nightclub From LA is coming to NYC

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An A-list Erotic Nightclub From LA is coming to NYC

NYC has always been a city for the adventurous… all kinds of “adventurous”. That fame has led one exclusive West Coast club to open its doors in our fair city.

Snctm is an LA members-only club (in their own words a “theater of sexuality”),  that will be bringing its “Eyes Wide Shut” parties to New York, as reported by the blog Page Six.

Snctm plans on a quarterly party in Manhattan starting with an inaugural celebration during Fashion Week on September 10, followed up by a party in the Hamptons on September 16.

Damon Lawner, owner of Snctm, is scouting NYC for townhouses to host exclusive events for his members, who include “A-list actors, models, top lawyers and CEOs of public companies.”

Is your appetite wet for an exclusive sex party? Well, membership can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000. If you have that kind of money lying around, grab your mask and formal-wear, and prepare to compete with hundreds of applicants for only 100 or so spots. Good luck.

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