Krispy Kreme Is Giving Out More Free Doughnuts To Anyone With A COVID-19 Vaccine

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Krispy Kreme Is Giving Out More Free Doughnuts To Anyone With A COVID-19 Vaccine

If there weren’t enough incentives to get the COVID-19 vaccine, now you can add doughnuts to the mix! Two doughnuts to be precise…

Krispy Kreme just announced that from August 30 through September 5, anyone who has received a least one COVID-19 vaccination shot — and shows valid vaccination proof — can get two free glazed doughnuts at any store location in the U.S. Yes, they already had this promotion going, but it was only for one doughnut. Now they’ve added in a second, just because!

Oh, and it’s shaped like a heart.

This is along with the company’s other corporate outreach — like delivering free doughnuts to vaccination centers across the U.S. and giving their employees up to four hours of paid time off to go and get the vaccine. So far, they’ve given away more than 2.5 million Original Glazed doughnuts for the initiative!

“We all hoped we’d be near the end of this pandemic by now. We’re not. So, please consider getting vaccinated if you’ve not done so already. And then enjoy and share two amazing doughnuts with our heart-felt thanks,” said Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer.

Not only can you get one at any time on any day, but you can even keep getting one every day through the rest of 2021! One doughnut, not two, that is. The two-fer deal ends Sept. 5!

Krispy Kreme is ending summer on a pretty sweet note.

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