Koreatown’s 32nd St. Is Now Closed To Traffic For NYC’s Best New Outdoor Dining Set-Up

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Koreatown’s 32nd St. Is Now Closed To Traffic For NYC’s Best New Outdoor Dining Set-Up

Like other cultural neighborhoods in NYC, now the streets of K-town are closed to cars so you can explore the adored neighborhood like never before!

Known for its compact, multi-level buildings spanning across two blocks in Midtown, Manhattan, Koreatown is one of NYC’s most treasured neighborhoods. Famous for fun-filled nights stuffing your face with Korean BBQ or singing your heart out at one of their many karaoke bars, the few streets of Koreatown are now evolving into an outdoor, street-wide celebration of culture and cuisine.

Business in Koreatown has always had a very symbiotic relationship. Restaurants on the street level heavily rely on the filtered customers coming from second or third level businesses. Since indoor dining has been restricted up until the recently announced date of September 30th, the neighborhood has had to make due with the little space they have.

But no longer will NYers have to enter through side doors and up the stairs to begin their exciting nights in Koreatown, because pedestrians can now explore the open streets in a way that wasn’t ever possible before!

NYC’s Open Streets program has been working to designate proper street closures to provide restaurants with space for outdoor dining. The program recently partnered with New York Koreatown Association to close W 32nd Street between 5th Ave and Broadway, in efforts to supply more outdoor space to the businesses of Koreatown.

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It will closed to traffic on weekends, Fridays from 5pm-11pm, and Saturdays & Sundays from 12pm-11pm.

Never before has the neighborhood experienced a street shutdown that has resulted in an exciting new way to experience all that Koreatown has to offer. Already, passersby have seen dancing, laughing, singing, and obviously delicious food happening on 32nd Street. Even our favorite all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ spot is joining in!

Since outdoor dining was just announced as a permanent part of NY culture by Mayor Bill De Blasio, pedestrians can roam and dine the streets of Koreatown all year long. According to ABC7, Mayor Bill De Blasio said “New Yorkers deserve more public space in our ongoing fight against COVID-19, and we’re proud to offer more places to get a safe outdoor meal on the weekends.”

With businesses in Koreatown expanding their space to the streets, this new, exciting style of street food as a permanent option to eat out will most likely become the face of Koreatown.

The area’s small spots are usually crammed elbow to elbow, yet, with this additional and permanent expansion into the streets, Koreatown will be even more exciting when indoor dining reopens than it was before! This neighborhood continues to be a hub for authentic Korean cuisine, unforgettable nights, and a spot you don’t want to overlook. With its now open streets, the experiences in Koreatown are endless.

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