Join the Mad Hatter in Brooklyn for a Spooktacular Halloween Bash

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Halloween is the most upside-down time of year where anything goes and all the peculiarities are exposed—even those of the most peculiar beings, such as the Mad Hatter himself.

Join the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Brooklyn as he hosts looney guests in his vintage London double-decker bus!

No matter how you take your poison, fret not! The whimsical hosts at The Mad Hatters G&T Party will doctor your mysterious tea party concoctions with the spookiest of libations. From October 27 through November 1, enter a world more curiouser than ever. Tumble into the terrifying nonsense of the Jabberwocky as you sip on cocktails inspired by the grim tale. On these select special evenings everything will seem a bit more backward than usual.


Cocktails will include “Slay the Jabberwock,” a libation infused with bitter blood orange and garnished with an edible floral lollipop; “The Frumious Bandersnatch,” made up of gin infused with beetroot and raspberry shrubs among other herbs, and brewed in a witch’s cauldron; and “Beware the Jubjub Bird,” which will bubble up in green before your eyes with pumpkin spice and some fiery chili flakes. As you sip away your ghoulish evening, you’ll nibble on black velvet whoopie pies, spider eggs, and chocolatey English tea cakes.

For these chilling encounters with the Hatter, he’s encouraging his guests to wear their most fantastic costumes upon their visit, with a chance for the best dressed to win a prize.

What: Mad Hatter’s G&T Party: Halloween Special

Where: 173 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn

When: October 27 – November 1; Various Sessions

Tickets: Grab them here now