JetBlue Just Installed Free Nap Pods at JFK Because Napping Is Awesome

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Nap Pods At JFK

Everyone loves a good vacay but airplane travel can be stressful, exhausting and simply put, a real pain in the ass. JetBlue is back to save the day (at least here in New York) with yesterday’s release of four state-of-the-art sleeping pods at JFK Airport.

For 20 minutes and free of charge, travellers can enter into a futuristic, RoboCop-esque reclining chair that plays rhythms designed to help bring relaxation and reduce distractions. According to MetroNaps, the product’s creators, the vessels also have visors for “serene seclusion” and built-in speakers to reduce background noise – a seemingly perfect recipe for a visit from Mr. Sandman.

Nap Pods at JFK will end this
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Afraid of missing your flight? The pods make it virtually impossible to oversleep with a wake-up call that gently awakens nappers “with a combination of lights, music and vibration.” If only we could always wake up like this…

Dreamy-eyed travellers at London’s Luton Airport and Toronto’s Pearson Airport can catch some z’s in similar machines, but only time will tell if these siestas will take off here in NYC.

Sleep tight and safe travels!


Featured cover image: CNN Money

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