The High Line Fights Back Against Fake Monks

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The High Line Fights Back Against Fake Monks

They have shaved heads, peaceful smiles and flowing orange robes… but they’re not Buddhist Monks. They solicit money and have, in the past, done so aggressively. Genuine Buddhists have confronted the men, asking about their affiliation and testing them on the religion’s precepts,  they stay silent or simply walk away. The police have taken no official stance on the faux-monks, only stepping in when they become aggressive. The High Line has had enough, and last week posted these signs:

The sign reads, “While authentic monks traditionally carry a ‘beggar’s bowl’ to receive gifts of food and money, they would not aggressively ask for cash, said the Rev. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki, president of the Buddhist Council of New York, who said the fakers are disrespecting the faith.”

The Mock-monks have become a mainstay around Time Square and the High Line, but happily these signs seem to have worked. Several Redditors on Reddit’s NYC board claim that more of the not-so-holy men have moved on to Time Square, reporting that they have increased in number through the week. The successful move on the part of High Line officials could possibly lead to more attention paid to the fake monks around the rest of the city.

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