The 5,000-Pound Gorilla Statue In Hudson Yards Just Got A Beautiful Floral Makeover

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The 5,000-Pound Gorilla Statue In Hudson Yards Just Got A Beautiful Floral Makeover

Move over King Kong, there’s a new gorilla in town.

A gigantic bronze gorilla statue (the largest in the world, in fact!) has popped up in Hudson Yards, and his name is King Nyani (Swahili for “gorilla”).

The statue comes from world-renowned public artists Gillie and Marc Schattner, who have dedicated their lives to saving endangered species through their works. They brought King Nyani to Bella Abzug Park in Hudson Yards to help raise awareness and funds for the critically endangered gorilla species.

And its new floral makeover also has a special significance!

The design was by none other than florist Lewis Miller, who is known for doing “flower flashes” to spark joy across the city. As for his latest work on King Nyani, he says:

This one’s for the kids! The pint-sized, mask-wearing, remote-learning, resilient little troopers who have rolled with it and missed out on so many special occasions from birthdays to graduations, this Flower Flash is for you!! Covid will not last forever, there is a lot more fun to be had in the future but in the mean time here is a giant, flirty gorilla surrounded by fresh flowers.

The gorilla clocks in at 8.5 feet tall, 22.9 feet long, and 4,766 pounds. Oh, and it can fit two to three people in its hand! Perfect for a photo op.

It will be on display through April 2021. But the flowers surely won’t last until then, so be sure to catch it while you can!

The sculpture is based on the head of a family of mountain gorillas in Uganda that Gillie and Marc spent time with on their travels. “It was beautiful watching the silverback interacting with his family. He was so gentle and loving and clearly cared deeply for his family,” Marc said in a statement.

King Nyani is part of their “Love the Last” series, “with the mission of bringing critically endangered animals to urban areas so that people everywhere can create a connection with them. Why? Because loving animals is the first step towards saving them.”

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featured image source: Instagram @nyclovesnyc

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