Four Fantastic Meal Deals For A New Yorker On A Budget

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Four Fantastic Meal Deals For A New Yorker On A Budget


Getting sick of $2 pizza? Yeah, us neither. But maybe you want to mix it up a little so the guy working behind the counter doesn’t judge you for coming in every single day. Here are four great meal deals on our favorite event discovery app, Fever, which you can take advantage of in the next few days:


1. Breakfast Special at Bite

egg sandwich

You can get an organic egg sandwich and an iced coffee for only $5 at Bite 14 tomorrow morning! These are good quality sandwiches, too, on bread from Balthazar bakery or croissants from Ceci-Cela. You do need to purchase ahead of time, but it’s as easy as clicking this link.


2. Greek Yogurt at Yiaourti

greek yogurt

Yiaourti is a Greek yogurt bar in Gansevoort Market where you can order freshly made yogurt with your choice of toppings. It makes a great lunch on the go. For only $5, you can pre-purchase a yogurt with up to three toppings for tomorrow!


3. Enchiladas at Pedro’s


Pedro’s in Bushwick has been making authentic Dominican and Mexican food for over 15 years. Their famous fajitas—chicken or steak with onions, peppers and tomato over 3 corn tortillas with rice, beans and guacamole—are normally $21, but you can pre-order them for only $15 for this Friday!


4. Amigos Lunch Special

amigos tacos
The Amigos in Morningside Heights makes outstanding Mexican food, courtesy of world famous chef Alex Garcia and his team. Download the Fever app and you can purchase a ticket that will get you anything on the Amigos lunch specials menu this Monday, as well as complimentary chips and salsa.

Happy eating!

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